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Cable Management for Collaborative Robots

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

cobot kits from Reiku North AmericaCobot Kits from Reiku North America provide cable protection in collaborative-robot (cobot) applications. The kits come complete with the correct diameter and quantity of Reiku metal bands or Velcro straps, combined with the necessary 17-, 23-, 29- or 36-mm clamps, jaws and conduit.

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The company’s Velcro-strap holders are recommended for cobots operating at slow to average speeds with moderate conduit loads when filled with cables/hoses. Two strap sizes are available: one for cobot arm diameters to 55 mm and one for larger arms, to diameters of 110 mm. Each Velcro strap is equipped with an integral rotary base that allows a conduit clamp to rotate on its base axis. Rubber-based backing on the straps resist rotating on the cobot arm.

The metal-band holders are recommended for cobots operating at higher-than-average speeds or those with heavier conduit loads. Each metal strap includes an integral conduit-clamp mounting plate, which keeps the clamp in a fixed orientation/direction. If the application requires the conduit clamp to change direction, a rotary-base flange can be installed under the clamp, allowing it to rotate on its base axis.



As seen in Fabricating Product News: Reiku/Drossbach N.A.