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New Rockwell Hardness Testers

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mitutoyo America Corp., Aurora, IL, has announced the release of its HR-530-series Rockwell hardness: the HR-530 with maximum specimen height of 250 mm and depth of 150 mm, and the HR-530L with maximum specimen height of 395 mm and depth of 150 mm.

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Features and capabilities of the two offerings include:

  • Inside-ring hardness testing performed without cutting the ring (all models). Minimum dia. is 34 mm, but inside dia., as small as 22 mm, also can be tested using the optional 5-mm diamond indenter.
  • Color touchscreen displays results of statistical calculations and graphic functions, which can be stored as text data. To save space, the touchscreen can be mounted on top of the tester.
  • Direct hardness scale selection can be selected with the touchscreen. The initial test force and loading force are automatically set in accordance with the selected scale.
  • Curved-surface compensation and measurement enables testing for hardness of curved surfaces, including round bars and spheres, as well as flat surfaces.
  • Statistical analysis via the touchscreen provides statistical calculation of the maximum value, minimum value, mean value and standard deviation when analyzing multi-point test results.
  • Continuous measurement, when testing multiple workpieces with the same height, is made possible by pressing the foot switch or the start button.

Mitutoyo: www.mitutoyo.com