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August 15, 2018

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fabricating Product News
August 15, 2018
Fabricating Product News
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New: Bandsaw for Miter and Cut-To-Length Work
Kasto has introduced a new range of saws with the KastoMiwin, a double-miter bandsaw for cut-to-length and miter cuts between -45 and +60 deg. Initially available as the semiautomatic KastoMiwin U 4.6 and the automatic A 4.6 version, it is designed particularly for cut-to-size pieces in the steel industry, the iron and steel trade, plant construction, and special machine building. Continue Reading
Glasses Allow Remote Troubleshooting on Mazak Laser-Cutting Machines
Mazak Optonics now offers Mazak Smart Glasses to better serve laser-cutting customers by letting a Mazak service technician remotely view what laser operators see. Continue Reading
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Fully Electric Machine Produces Complex Tube Geometries to 8-in. Dia.
Schwarze-Robitec's large, fully electric multiple-radius tube-and-pipe-bending machine featuring transport boost technology, the CNC 220 E TB MR, can produce complex tube geometries with diameters to 8 in. The company will demonstrate this technology at FABTECH, November 6-8 in Atlanta, at booth C10623. Continue Reading
New Tooling System for V-Groover Machines
Hydrapower International Inc. has introduced a set of carbide tools for use on V-grooving machines. These tools enable rapid grooving of stainless-steel plates to 0.5 in. thick. The tools provide increased cutting speeds and extended tool life, according to company officials. Continue Reading
Omax Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Celebrating its 25th year providing waterjet-cutting technology, Omax Corp. held an open house and tour on July 27, inviting customers, partners and associates to its Kent, WA, home. Since Dr. John Cheung and Dr. John Olsen founded the company in 1993 and introduced its first waterjet machine, Omax has grown to occupy 220,000 sq. ft. of space on its Kent campus, employing more than 400 employees and amassing more than 50 patents. Continue Reading
Tube Forming Transformed from Batch to One-Piece Flow
When an automotive customer asked Coldwater Machine Co. to bid on tooling and machines to produce a vehicle exhaust tube, Coldwater engineers analyzed the entire five-step process and presented the customer with a more efficient overall solution that transformed the process from batch production to one-piece flow. Continue Reading
Pallet Leveler with Turntable
The P4 Roll-On leveler with turntable, from Presto Ecoa Lifts, features a platform that, when fully lowered, sits essentially flush to the floor, allowing users to place or remove pallet loads with an ordinary hand pallet truck. Continue Reading
Telerobotic System Enables Remote Flood Welding
With the new SafetyRobot telerobotic welding system from Weld Mold Co., operators can perform remote flood welding in a temperature-controlled environment, maintaining control using long-established best-welding procedures, according to company officials. Continue Reading
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Fabricating Product News


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