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Portable 3D Scanner for High-Volume Inspection Work

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, North Kingstown, RI, has introduced the new Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8, a portable laser scanner for large-volume inspection applications such as automotive sheetmetal, aerospace mold tools and large industrial castings. The handheld 3D scanner allows operators, regardless of experience, to quickly capture complex point-cloud data of even the most intricate of workpieces, even those with dark or shiny metallic materials.

The lightweight, ergonomic scanner synchronizes with the laser tracker, enabling fast transitions between scanning, probing and reflector measurements. Newly integrated haptic technology optimizes user feedback during operation. Using the main trigger button of the scanner, the operator can select preset measurement profiles on-demand.



As seen in Fabricating Product News: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence