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Predictive-Maintenance Waterjet Pumps

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Hypertherm waterjet pumpsHypertherm has debuted the HyPrecision Predictive predictive-maintenance waterjet pumps (claimed to be an industry first), designed to substantially reduce maintenance costs and disruption caused by non-planned service.

The new generation of waterjet pumps is equipped with Hypertherm’s Advanced Intensifier Technology and new patented technologies that adjust for pressure and temperature, oil viscosity and hydraulic- system wear parts; along with features that reportedly enables customers to use seals as much as 40 percent longer than previous offerings.

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Ease-of-service features include a color-coded junction box, electrical-cable harnesses, quick-disconnect fittings and an easy-access bleed-down valve. For added safety, a clear window cover lets operators see the intensifier and attenuator. Optional electrical interlocks prevent unauthorized access and automatically stop the pump when opened. And, Seal Maintenance Technology helps keep the top deck and shop floor free of oil and water.

“In engineering this system, we worked to really understand the pain points that companies using waterjet face,” explains John Caron, waterjet product marketing manager. “Without question, the number-one issue was surprise system downtime. Our new HyPrecision Predictive systems are engineered to eliminate that pain point, while delivering increased productivity and performance, improved serviceability and safety, and lower maintenance costs.”


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Hypertherm, Inc.