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Fiber Laser Welding with Reduced Spatter, Minimal Cracking and Porosity

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Coherent Inc's CleanWeld technologyCoherent Inc.’s new CleanWeld technology is described as an integrated approach to fiber laser welding that reportedly delivers spatter reduction by as much as 80 percent, as well as minimal cracking and porosity. It enables certain welding processes to be performed using as much as 40 percent less laser power, according to company officials. The Clean Weld approach includes the ability to deliver unique beam-intensity profiles via the company’s new ARM technology.

“While fiber lasers have been used in welding for over a decade, many end users are still seeking to improve part quality, production throughput and process costs,” says Frank Gäbler, Coherent’s director of product marketing. “Numerous factors besides the laser affect the welding process. The real goal is to control and maximize the stability of the keyhole and melt pool during the welding process–that’s what produces superior results.”

Accomplishing that, according to Gäbler, requires a variety of techniques ranging from changing the intensity distribution of the focused laser spot to introducing beam motion as well as other factors such as controlling vapor evacuation.

“CleanWeld addresses all of these areas,” he says, “and the benefits of this approach are already being adopted in diverse applications, including zero-gap welding of galvanized steel, automobile powertrain component welding, and aluminum and copper welding for electric car batteries.”


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Coherent, Inc.