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September 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fabricating Product News
September 21, 2016
Fabricating Product News
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6-kW Fiber-Laser Cutting Machine
Salvagnini introduces its L3-30 fiber laser—now available with a 6-kW resonator to complement its 2-, 3- and 4-kW product lines. And, the L3 now comes equipped with a new, air-cooled cutting head with adjustable optics for cutting thin and thick materials. Continue Reading
High-Volume Robotic Friction-Stir-Welding System Ideal for Aluminum Joining
Coldwater Machine introduces the SpotMeld robotic-joining system, equipped with new automated tool-change capability. Capable of volumes required for high-production environments, the SpotMeld solution enables the joining of aluminum (1000-7000 series), magnesium and dissimilar sheet materials. Continue Reading
Remote-Control Arc Welding
Miller Electric introduces the ArcReach Stick/TIG Remote, designed for use with its compatible XMT 350 CC/CV, XMT 450 CC/CV and Dimension 650. The remote allows welding operators to change weld settings at the weld joint, which reduces downtime and improves safety—no more unnecessary trips to the power source. Continue Reading
OEE-Tracking Setup Upgraded
with New Machine Interface Terminal
Wintriss has developed a new ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI 2) terminal, which automatically collects machine status and parts counts, which it sends to the firm's ShopFloorConnect server. The SMI 2 can accept input from barcode scanners for job and operator identification, and communicates to the ShopFloorConnect server over a wireless network. Continue Reading
Modular Punch-Laser Combination Machine
The new TruMatic 1000 fiber is the first entry-level punch-laser combination machine from Trumpf with a solid-state laser. The machine is revolutionary in its modular design, offering users the ability to add to it as business grows. Continue Reading
A Trio of Innovative Metal-Fabricating Machines
Heading to Las Vegas later this year for FABTECH? If so, stop by the Amada booth for a demonstration of three innovative machines that feature advanced automation for multiple processes: the 9-kW LCG 3015 AJ fiber-laser cutting machine with automated material handling; the HG 2204 ATC press brake equipped with an automatic tool changer; and the HG 1303 Rm robotic-bending system. Continue Reading
New End-Loading Fiber-Laser Cutting System
CyLaser introduces its CY2D L3015 end-loaded compact fiber-laser plate-cutting system, designed for easy integration with material-handling automation. The machine features a 60 by 120-in. dual-table architecture with integral hydraulic pallet changer. Continue Reading
Smart Panel Bender Increases Productivity
Prima Power North America's new BCe Smart 2220 panel-bending machine features a large working table that allows loading and unloading in a single sequence, to optimize productivity. A barcode reader and automatic tool-change system simplifies and automates setup and activates dynamic production queues. Continue Reading

Fabricating Product News


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