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November 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fabricating Product News
November 16, 2016
Fabricating Product News
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Abrasive Belts and Discs Deliver Fast Cutting, Fewer Changeovers
Norton | Saint-Gobain introduces the Red Heat R983 product line of abrasive belts and discs that provides optimum resistance to wear with sharp cutting capabilities, due to a ceramic grain that defies premature dulling and ensures fast, efficient cutting. Continue Reading
Adaptive Bending System a New Solution for Large-Profile Bending
LVD Strippit introduces Synchro-Form, an advancement in adaptive press-brake-bending technology. Synchro-Form automatically maintains angular consistency and the required geometric profile when handling, positioning and bending large parts with multiple bends. Continue Reading
Fiber Laser Delivers Enhanced Performance with Reduced Production Costs
Cincinnati Inc. introduces the CL-960 6000-W fiber-laser cutting machine, boasting a clean new look with productivity enhancements. Also new is the laser's air-assist cutting capabilities. In many instances air can be a cost-effective assist-gas alternative to nitrogen or oxygen. Continue Reading
Flexible Roll-Up and Laser-Welding Module for Stainless-Steel Drums and Baskets
Coldwater Machine Company, a manufacturer and integrator of assembly automation and special machines for the appliance, automotive and aerospace industries, announces the availability of a roll-up and laser-weld module for the fabrication of clothes washer and dryer drums and baskets, or other round sheetmetal wrappers. Based on a standard Coldwater-developed process, systems can be customized to suit customer requirements. Continue Reading
Servo Pump the Heart of a New Hydraulic Power Unit
MJC Engineering, Huntington Beach, CA, has introduced a new hydraulic power system called Green Hydraulic Power. Promising to deliver higher machine yield and reduced noise emissions (by 20 dBA), and generate less heat and produce shorter cycle times on various machine types, the new power unit is available for OEM integration by other machine builders. Continue Reading
Welding-Power Source Delivers to 160 A for Light Industrial Applications
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has launched the Maxstar 161 SMAW-GTAW power source, noted for its lightweight portability, ease of setup and use, and improved performance for a variety of light industrial applications. Available in three models, the Maxstar 161 S/STL/STH delivers as much as 160 A of welding current, and weighs just 13 lb. Continue Reading
Portable Dust and Fume Collector
The Shadow portable dust and fume collector, introduced by Imperial Systems, provides many of the features of the firm's full-sized CMaxx units, including DeltaMaxx nanofiber filters and powerful pulse cleaning. Continue Reading
High-Performance Servo-Driven Circular Cold Saw
Behringer Saws, Inc. has added the VA-L 500 to its line of high-performance circular cold saws, designed specifically for production cutting of aluminum and other nonferrous materials. With a frequency-controlled main drive system and adjustable cutting speeds, the VA-L 500 can cut solid sections as well as thin-walled pipe and profiles. Continue Reading

Fabricating Product News


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