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January 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fabricating Product News
January 18, 2017
Fabricating Product News
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Series of Lightweight Welders Offer Flexibility
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, Florence, SC, showcased a variety of welding and products and technologies at FABTECH, including hands-on demonstrations of the new gas-metal-arc (GMA)-only and GMA/stick versions of the company's Rebel 215ic-series welders. All Rebel 215ic models offer 120-V 230-V primary flexibility, lightweight (40-lb.) portability and Esab's sMIG (smart MIG) function, which enables users to begin GMA welding with an extremely stable arc just by setting metal thickness and wire diameter. Unlike competitive units, there is no need to enter information for shielding gas mix, claim company officials. Continue Reading
New Tools to Aid Press-Brake, Punching-Machine Productivity
Wilson Tool celebrated its 50th year at FABTECH 2016 with a host of new-product introductions. The White Bear Lake, MN, company debuted its EXP punch technology for Salvagnini punching systems. The EXP line, offering a standard holder with universal punches for high-precision punching systems, is designed for thick-turret, thin-turret and multi-tool setups, and is manufactured with high-speed steel for long-lasting durability and resistance to galling. Continue Reading
Uniquely Shaped Flap Discs Ease Rough and Finish Grinding
At FABTECH 2016, Pferd Inc., Milwaukee, WI, featured products from its line of metal cutting and finishing products such as files, burs, brushes, grinding and cutting wheels, and power tools. Of particular focus was its Polifan-Curve flap discs. The flap discs bring significant advantages to rough and finish grinding applications, according to company officials. With a patented, proprietary design, the discs offer a productive and economical way to proceed from rough grinding to smooth finishing in a single step. Continue Reading
Fiber-Laser Marking for Metals and More
Rocklin Manufacturing Co., Sioux City, IA, along with its Rocklinizer 850 portable carbide-application equipment for tools and dies, demonstrated its new LaserEvo fiber lasers, which offer precise marking of all types of metals, plastics and varnished materials. With an estimated duration of 100,000 marking hours and no maintenance necessary, according to company officials, the rugged system provides long life in typically harsh manufacturing environments. Continue Reading
Weld-Training Aids
Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, OH, displayed all manner of welding equipment as well as cutting systems and technology that enables improved human-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication. The company also cemented its position as a leader in learning systems through the display of a number of new systems. Continue Reading
Folding Machine Offers Up/Down Bending, Can be Operated from Front or Back
At FABTECH 2016, RAS Systems debuted the XLTbend 11-gauge mild-steel folding machine, which folds both up and down and can be operated from the front or rear of the machine. For those looking to increase productivity in forming complex precision sheetmetal parts such as cassettes, panels and boxes, the XLTbend is ideal. It offers 159-in. by 12-gauge- or 126-in. by 11-gauge-steel forming capacity as well as one-click CNC programming. Significant is its modularity, which over time will be added to the complete line of RAS models. Continue Reading

Fabricating Product News