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February 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fabricating Product News
February 15, 2017
Fabricating Product News
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Fiber-Laser Cutting Machine
Boasts Carbon-Fiber Carriage
Prima Power's new Laser Genius 2D fiber-laser cutting machines boast the innovative application of synthetic granite (for the frame) and carbon fiber (for the carriage). Linear motors on the X and Y axes reportedly yield a 15-percent increase in productivity compared with conventional drive systems. Continue Reading
Ceramic Cutting, Grinding and Combination Wheels
Weiler Abrasives Group introduces Tiger Ceramic bonded-abrasive combination wheels for cutting and grinding, said by company officials to effortlessly remove material while a hard bond keeps working longer, for optimum product life. Ceramic grains use a crystalline structure designed with millions of fracture points that self-sharpen at a higher rate than other grains. Continue Reading
Laser-Marking Systems Deliver Speed, Quality
Multi-position, servo-rotary-index laser-marking machines from Coldwater Machine Co. allow operators to load/unload completed parts while other parts are being marked. A single-swipe cycle-start function, with integrated safety light curtains during indexing, ensures operator protection. Continue Reading
Compact Capacitor-Discharge Welder
Boasts Simple Intuitive Control

NDZ-series capacitive-discharge welding (CDW) machines from Dengensha America, Bedford, OH, minimize heat transfer and distortion problems during resistance spot welding. The compact machines reportedly are easy and intuitive to set up, and offer fabricators numerous features designed to optimize weld quality. Continue Reading
Lightweight Ultra-Low-Profile Mag Drill
Small enough to drill in places where even hand-held electric drills can't work, yet with the power to cut 1-3/8-in.-dia. holes in 1-in.-thick steel, the ultra-low-profile Hougen HMD130 portable magnetic drill delivers efficient holemaking in confined spaces. Continue Reading
Put These Carbide Burs to Work,
Finishing Nonferrous Parts
Pferd Inc. introduces the ALU/NF Cut line of carbide burs for use on aluminum, brass, copper and tin, as well as harder materials such as alloys with a high SiC content, titanium, titanium alloys and bronze. The company has optimized the line of burs especially for stock removal of aluminum (the HiCoat model), providing an additional coating. Continue Reading
Customizable, Easy-to-Maneuver
Dust/Fume Collector
Imperial Systems Inc. introduces the Shadow portable dust and fume collector, loaded with many of the features of the firm's full-sized CMaxx units, including DeltaMaxx nanofiber filters and powerful pulse cleaning. Designed with input from the company's inhouse welders and metalworkers, Shadow units also have the option of adding a HEPA filter for optimum filtration. Continue Reading
Welding Table Stars Source-Capture
Fume-Removal System
RoboVent, Sterling Heights, MI, introduces a new, larger version of its popular CrossFlow welding workable. The all-in-one welding bench and source-capture system provides ample room for a variety of manual welding applications, while keeping dangerous weld fumes out of the breathing zone. Continue Reading

Fabricating Product News


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