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April 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fabricating Product News
April 19, 2017
Fabricating Product News
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8-in. Worm-Drive Saw Optimized for Metal
Skilsaw has introduced its 8-in. Outlaw worm-drive saw, model SPT78MMC, optimized to cut through metal. The worm-drive design and left-side blade offers superior ergonomics and ease of use, and a Dual-Field motor provides more power, precision and durability than competing products, according to company officials. Continue Reading
Concealed-Head Self-Clinching Studs and Standoffs
New PEM concealed-head self-clinching studs and standoffs from PennEngineering install permanently in thin metal assemblies to provide strong and reusable threads for mating hardware while preserving a smooth and unmarred appearance on the side of the sheet opposite installation. Continue Reading
Aftermarket Parts for Flow Waterjet Cutters
Barton International, Glens Falls, NY, has added aftermarket parts for Flow waterjet-cutting machines. The supplier of garnet abrasives and consumables now offers Flow-compatible intensifier parts, nozzle and cutting-head accessories, swivels, water filters, pump parts and more. Continue Reading
Robotic Profile-Cutting Machine
HGG Profiling Equipment, Charleston, SC, a specialist in 3D profiling, debuts the RPC 2.0 robotic profile-cutting line, able to cut both bolted and welded connections. It performs 3D profiling to beam coping, including cutting I/H beams and square/rectangular tubing profiles. Also known as a plasma-beam profiler, the RPC 2.0, according to company officials, increases accuracy, quality and overall productivity with technology innovations that eliminate time-consuming machine tactility. Continue Reading
Four-Gear Portable Magnetic Drill
The new MABasic 850 from CS Unitec, Norwalk, CT, is a professional-grade portable magnetic drill designed for continuous use. The 16-A, double-insulated motor has a four-speed gearbox–110, 175, 245, 385 rpm–for demanding applications requiring high power. Continue Reading
Customizable Grippers for Collaborative Robot Arms
On Robot, with U.S. offices in Charlotte, NC, has debuted its two-finger RG2 grippers, available in both single and dual versions that mount easily on the arms of cobots (collaborative robots) without any external wires. For robots that have infinite rotation of the last joint, the lack of external wires enables enhanced flexibility and productivity. Continue Reading

Fabricating Product News


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