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May 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fabricating Product News
May 17, 2017
Fabricating Product News
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High-Capacity Gas Regulator
Boasts User-Friendly Design
Esab, Florence, SC, through its Victor brand, has introduced the Edge 2.0 heavy-duty, high-capacity single-stage cylinder regulator, available for all common gases, including acetylene, propane, oxygen, air, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and inert gases. Continue Reading
High-Speed Electronic Weld Head for Miniature Parts
Amada Miyachi America Inc., Monrovia, CA, offers the Series 300 electronic weld head, which provides a precisely controlled weld-force profile ideal for welding miniature parts. The weld head enables as many as 3 welds/sec., with programmable force and weld positions, excellent force and position repeatability, and displacement monitoring. Ideal for safety-critical applications, it finds use in welding medical devices, automotive sensors and switches, reed switches, and coil-termination as well as electronic components. Continue Reading
Sleek Welding Helmet with Improved Optics
3M's new Speedglas 9002NC welding helmet combines the best features of the company's Speedglas 9000 helmet with cutting-edge optics and a sleek, modern look. Designed with everyday working conditions in mind, it offers a range of improvements that help users weld with precision and accuracy. Continue Reading
New Welding Process Provides
Remote Floodwelding Safety
With the new patent-pending RC-17 Fly-By-Wire welding process, developed by Weld Mold, Brighton, MI, operators can perform remote floodwelding from the safety of a temperature-controlled environment, while maintaining total control of the welding operation and long-established best welding procedures. Operators are protected from heat, smoke, fumes and radiation, and no longer have to worry about the safety and health issues that often result from exposure. Continue Reading
Stainless-Steel Shotblasting Grit
Transmet Corp., Columbus, OH, has expanded its product line of shotblasting materials to include stainless-steel grit. The new grit is an effective alternative to aluminum oxide, glass bead and other mineral abrasives in air-blast and some wheel-blast applications. Continue Reading
Lightweight Spot-Welding Gun for HSS Applications
Dengensha America, Bedford, OH, has developed its high-force, lightweight, reduction-gear X-Gun that proves extremely effective for resistance-spot welding of high-strength steels (HSS), according to company officials. With its new high-torque reduction gear, it can achieve an electrode-force range of 4.8 to 7 kN. Continue Reading

Fabricating Product News


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